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Access News

Access News - August 2018 (PDF 3431kb)New

Access News - Summer 2017 (PDF 3431kb)

Access News - Summer 2016 (PDF 1520kb)

Access News - Spring Edition 2016 (PDF 2501kb)

Business Support

Estates' Newsletter August 2009 (PDF 225kb)

Estates' Newsletter April 2009 (PDF 858kb)

Estates' Newsletter August 2008 (PDF 374kb)

Estates' Newsletter March 2008 (PDF 669kb)

Cleaning & Waste Management

Cleaning Services Guide (PDF 96kb)

Disposal Procedure for Confidential Waste Paper (PDF 36kb)

Energy Management

Energy Policy Feb 2012 Rev01(PDF 84b)

Carbon Management Plan Executive Summary (PDF 3.2mb)

Carbon Management Plan -Full Document (PDF 864kb)

Carbon Management Plan - Progress Update, June 2012 (PDF 622kb)

Case Study 2012 001 - Chemistry Fume Cupboards (word 80kb)

Case Study 2014 001 - Chemistry Priestley Fume Cupboards (word 95kb)

Priestley Laboratory S-Lab Application

2014 Stage 2 Application Form V3 (PDF 495kb)

Chemistry South Wing 1 week Electrical Consumption Jan 2013 (PDF 25kb)

Chemistry South Wing 1 week Electrical Consumption Jan 2014 (PDF 25kb)

Fume Cupboard Controls (PDF 517b)

Fume Cupboard Selection Design and Installation Technical Brief.pdf (PDF 199kb)

Fume Cupboard System Alterations Drawing (PDF 295kb)

Priestley Fume Cupboard Project Poster (PDF 35kb)

Priestley Lab Room (jpg image 5mb)

Solvent Extract Drawing (PDF 89kb)

University of Leeds Priestley Laboratory (jpg image 11mb)

Estate Services

Service Level Agreement 2008 (Word 601kb) (Campus access only)

Estates' Projects, Design and Capital Development

New Fees Guidance Note (PDF 382kb)

PIF Multi-Disciplinary Fees (PDF 20kb)

Project Initiation Form [PIF Form ](Word 77kb)New

Consultancy Framework Launch Presentation Ver1 (PDF 900kb)

University of Leeds Calendar (PDF 120kb)

Signage Design Guide Rev K October 2012 (PDF 2.3mb)

Request for a HOT WORK PERMIT [Standard Template] (Word 47kb)

Project Fact Sheets

Charles Morris Hall (PDF 424kb)

Earth & Environment (PDF 1.74mb)

New Law Building (PDF 1.7mb)

Nursery Project (Bright Beginnings) (PDF 1.01mb)

IT Services

IT Computer Network and E-mail Policies-v1 (Word 111kb)

Estates' SAP Web Notification Application Form (Word 194kb)New

Estates' SAP Web Notification Training Reference Guide (PDF 2.56mb)

IT Facilities Request (Business Case) Form (Word 23kb)

Konica Minolta Copier Scanning Guide (PDF 163kb)

Konica Minolta Copier Scanning Guide - Via Web Connection(PDF 317kb)

HTC Desire Phone Quick Start Guide (PDF 1.25mb)

FD Mobile Phone and Device Policy - June 2017 (PDF 63kb)

Mobile(s) Request Form - Authorisation Form (Word 36kb)New

FD WiFi Acceptable Use Policy for Contractors (PDF 143kb)

Maintenance & Operations

UoL Main Campus Griting & Clearing Routes (PDF 2mb)

Contractors Appendix 1b Application for Authorisation for Minor Works

PM Asset Data Proforma Form (Word 40kb)

Lift Entrapment Response Process (PDF 25kb)

Security & Support Services

Stay Safe Stay Secure (PDF 334kb)

Car Parking Policy 2012-13 (PDF 97kb)

Car Parking Application Form (PDF 240kb)

Disabled Parking Permit Application Form (PDF 30kb)

Mail Service Guide (PDF 3mb)

Technical Services

Project Aide Memoir - University of Leeds, Estate Services (Word 105kb)

Site Set Up Guidelines (Word 54kb)

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