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28/4/2015: Central Teaching Space Lecture Summer Refurbishment 2015
List of rooms scheduled for refurbishment:

  • Emmanuel Church Seminar Rooms
  • Civil Engineering , Lecture Theatre B
  • Medical Lecture Theatre (MLT)
  • Clothworkers North - Cinema Room 2.31
  • Clothworkers North - Lecture Theatre G.12
  • Cavendish Road Seminar Rooms - SR1, SR2, SR3, SR4, SR8
  • Hilary Place - G.18 and LG.01
  • EC Stoner - 10.72
  • Worsley U, V, W
  • In addition to the AV systems and cosmetic upgrades we plan to advance Lecture Capture in EC Stoner 9.90 to Silver and also assist with Lecture Capture installation in some School owned space.

    9/2/2015: Central Teaching Space Lecture Capture Project
    Statistics for and up to the end of October:

    • 40,000 hours of captured material
    • 8000 hours viewed
    • 58% of lectures recorded

    • 9/2/2015: Central Teaching Space Summer Refurbishment
      The Summer Refurbishment work on CTS rooms has just been completed in the following rooms:

      • Roger Stevens - LT18,20 and 23
      • Blenheim Terrace - all rooms
      • Mechanical Engineering - LTA
      • Baines Wing - Miall
      • Botany House - G.06
      • Michael Sadler - B36
      • EC Stoner - R10.70
      • Fairburn House - all rooms
      • Conference Auditorium - LT1 & 2
      • Social Science Building - rooms; 10.05, 10.06, 10.07, 10.09

      • All rooms have been fully decorated, AV has been updated and many have new lighting systems and seating. Please send us your feedback on the improved teaching spaces at our new online survey

        02/05/2014: Facilities Support Services

        • 1. New name for our service! Teaching Technology Support & Facilities now has a new name – 'Facilities Support Services'. This new name hopefully reflects the wide range of services the team offer to users of University buildings and teaching spaces

        • 2. Lecture capture installation going well. Work began on 31st March to equip Central Teaching Space rooms with lecture capture technology. We have equipped 66 rooms with recorders, additional microphones and video-cameras over the Easter break. Phase 2 of the project begins on the 12th May when we will equip an additional 30 seminar rooms. 235 rooms to complete in total before September 1st!

        • 3. Central Teaching Space refurbishment summer 2014. We have begun planning work to refurbish 26 lecture theatres and seminar rooms during summer 2014 which include the Conference Auditorium LT's, classrooms in Blenheim Terrace and some Roger Stevens lecture theatres. Full consultation has taken place with Faculties and LUU in regard to the AV & IT equipment provision but please do contact us if you have any suggestions.

        25/09/2013: Personal Response Systems (voting systems)
        We have deployed the same version of the Personal Response software as last year (version 6.71.432.54183) on the IT image within Central Teaching Space. Due to problems last year with the compatibility of this software with other software on the image, we have carried out a series of tests using various types of voting hardware with no problems identified. Two members of academic staff have also tested the software and have confirmed that it is working correctly. Please contact Helpdesk on x35555 or eshelp@leeds.ac.uk if you would like to use this technology within CTS or if you would like some assistance to test Faculty-owned hardware.

        25/09/2013: Slow logins on Central Teaching Space PCs
        ISS and Teaching Technology Support (Facilities Directorate) have been working together during the last academic year to address the reported issue of slow logins on the PCs installed in Central Teaching Space. A large number of tests were conducted along with lengthy performance captures on several PCs, unfortunately none of these tests captured a slow logon which could then be sent to our Microsoft support provider for analysis. Over the summer, ISS have reviewed what takes place during a logon to a PC installed in Central Teaching Space and made some changes to reduce logon times and reduce unnecessary pop-up messages. Before the start of term, ISS will have implemented a logon monitoring system to capture logon timings across PC's installed in Central Teaching Space. This data will give us an accurate picture of the logon times experienced across the various Central Teaching Space locations, helping ISS to identify the average logon times and identify any instances where an abnormal logon has been experienced. As with previous years, your first login on a particular PC will be longer than usual as your profile needs to register on the PC. Please allow additional time before your first teaching session to allow your profile to register. Profiles are not wiped from PC installed in Central Teaching Space, so subsequent logons will be faster. Please also refrain from powering down the PC after using it as this can cause lengthy delays for the next user. The PCs must be left powered on throughout the day – they are automatically powered off during the night and at weekends.

        25/09/2013: Central Teaching Space Refurbishment
        A large number of CTS rooms have been refurbished during the summer break. These include teaching rooms in Maurice Keyworth, Charles Thackrah, Old Mining, Clothworkers South, Michael Sadler, Baines Wing, Worsley, Parkinson and Chemistry West. All rooms have been fully decorated, AV has been replaced and many have new lighting systems and seating. Please send us your feedback on the improved teaching spaces at eshelp@leeds.ac.uk. If you would like some training before your first teaching session or would like us to be present to assist at the start of your first session please contact us to arrange.

        25/09/2013: Widescreen Projection
        In line with technological changes, widescreen projection (16:9) has been installed in various Central Teaching Space rooms throughout the summer. This will allow users to format their Powerpoint presentations for these rooms in widescreen format if they wish. It is anticipated that standard format (4:3) presentations will display in the centre of the projection screen which will leave a black band to either side of the presentation. Users can either format their existing presentations in 16:9 (by opening Powerpoint 2010, choosing 'design tab', choosing 'page setup' and selecting 16:9 from the dropdown menu) or continue to use presentations formatted to 4:3 and accept that the image may not fill the entire projection screen and could be distorted. Please note that the default setting is 4:3. A full list of CTS with widescreen projection can be obtained by e-mailing eshelp@leeds.ac.uk . Please contact us at this e-mail address or call the Helpdesk on x35555 if you require any further assistance. Widescreen projection will be installed in all CTS rooms where possible as part of the normal refurbishment cycle.

        25/09/2013: Presenter View
        'Presenter view' within Powerpoint is now available in some Central Teaching Space rooms. This means that any notes/script will be viewable on the confidence monitor whilst the presentation is being projected on the large projection screen. If you wish to use this function you must hold down the windows key and press the 'P' key until you see 'Extend'. Please then chose this option. When in Powerpoint simply chose the 'slide show' tab and check the box for 'use presenter view'. Please ensure the 'monitor 2' option is selected on the drop down menu. Your notes will then be displayed on the confidence monitor. Please note that the default setting is still 'cloned view' where the image on the confidence monitor and projection screen is cloned. A full list of CTS where presenter mode is available can be obtained by e-mailing eshelp@leeds.ac.uk. Please contact us at this e-mail address or call the Helpdesk on x35555 if you require any further assistance. This functionality will be installed in all CTS rooms where possible as part of the normal refurbishment cycle.


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