A wide range of events occur on campus every year. Because an event may introduce hazards beyond those normally expected, special provisions such as extra management decision-making, overarching risk assessment and final authorisation  might need to be in place. Some events also require ‘ in principle permission to proceed (with planning)’ before being planned to confirm that the University is happy for them to go ahead.

Risk management will only be one aspect of your overall event management plan but it is essential to get it right. In terms of health and safety, we focus on the significant risks – e.g. large crowds, high risk or unusual activities which if not controlled could cause harm to people or the estate. .

Definitions - Explanations of some of the key terms you’ll find in these documents.

Standard - The core of the protocol, this sets out what the University expects to happen – although how you achieve it is up to you.

Roles and actions - What do you need to do?

Core forms and guidance - all the forms you need along with helpful (and optional) information you could follow to ensure you achieve the Standard.

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