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An exhibition of artists' books from Special Collections which explores thematic, visual and other formal relationships between books produced over time. Free and open to all.

Members of Staff and Postgraduate Researchers from Classics present aspects of their research that link the ancient and modern worlds for a general audience.

Public reading by two visiting Japanese novelists, in conversation with their English translator and the critic Suzi Feay.

Stephen Venables, the first Briton to climb Everest without oxygen in conversation with Professor and specialist in the culture of extreme sports, Victoria Robinson on the theme of risk.

Join the Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery to celebrate the opening of the special exhibition, 'Caught in the Russian Revolution: The British Community in Petrograd, 1917-1918'.

The Russian Revolution in 1917 dramatically changed the course of world history. This exhibition explores the eyewitness accounts of British families who were caught up in the tumultuous event.