• Time: 08:30 - 17:30
  • Date: Wednesday 26 April 2017 - Thursday 27 April 2017
  • Location: Metropole Hotel, 10 King Street, Leeds, LS1 2HQ
  • Interval: Every day
  • Cost: See event details
  • Type: Conferences
  • Download: Outlook, iCal

Leading voices in economics will be contributing to this conference on valuing infrastructure in Leeds.

Issues including improving our understanding of the infrastructure of cities, regions and nations will be covered by speakers from academia, government (local and national) and industry. Speakers will include:

  • Ann Pettifor (PRIME)
  • Mike Shimwell (KPMG)
  • Professor Ron Martin (Cambridge University) 
  • Professor Julie Froud (Manchester University) 
  • Brian Collins (UKCRIC)

The conference aims to promote the recognition and measurement of all forms of value arising from city, regional and national infrastructure. It brings together partners from academia, government, business and civil society operating at the local, national and international levels to debate, inform policy and shape plans for future research.  

During the conference we will be exploring some key questions such as:

  • What are the main issues for local authority funding and finance of infrastructure provision?
  • How can and do Universities work with local authorities and other stakeholders to address these?
  • How can we better understand infrastructure needs, purpose and value?
  • What new business models are emerging and what can we learn from this?

Places for PhD researchers and postgraduate students are free of charge.

For the full programme and to register, visit the Valuing infrastructure conference website


£250 for two days
£150 for one day
Places free for Council elected members and postgraduates researchers/students