The EVIE Project Embedding a VRE in an Institutional Environment
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Researchers in all disciplines are increasingly expecting to be able to undertake research-associated tasks online. These range from collaborative activities with colleagues around the globe through to information-seeking in an electronic library environment. Many of the tools which enable these activities are already available within the local IT infrastructure. However, in many cases, the tools are provided through discrete, bespoke interfaces with little inter-linkage. Researchers face a number of challenges in this environment.

The EVIE Project will address these issues by testing the integration and deployment of key software components within a portal framework.

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The main objectives of the EVIE Project are to:
  • Establish an integrated VRE infrastructure
  • Provide additional resources and services through this environment
  • Deliver simplified-sign-on functionality and explore seamless integration between the identified systems
  • Provide a set of user validated recommendations for intuitive search and retrieval
  • Provide enhanced resource discovery mechanisms with relevance indicators via document visualisation techniques
  • Develop a taxonomy for use within a VRE
  • Provide support for search and retrieval across disparate information resources
  • Identify long term options for digital preservation within a VRE
  • Identify requirements for data integration to provide seamless information flow

EVIE: Embedding a VRE in an Institutional Environment,
is a two year project funded by JISC.

The EVIE project concluded in February 2007 and was run by the University of Leeds in conjunction with the British Library. Functionality from the EVIE Project is embedded in the University of Leeds Portal.


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The EVIE Project
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