Development Log           

Phase 1

IDRefTitleLifecycle Stage Description Functional Specification Related Channels Responsibility Test Plan
101Ac SRU Single Search Resource DiscoverySRU Search preconfigured to a single database, for example a TEL instance 101 func spec  PB  
102Ai Bookmarks Resource DiscoveryA place for storing personal bookmarks 102 func spec 301 GK 102Test
103Be RSU Training Tutorials Obtain Funding A list of sources of information and log of communication with contacts    PB  
104Bf Funding Alerts Obtain FundingReceiving alert emails from a mailing list and packaging them into a list of the most recent (Investigation)  GK 
105CbCalendaringCollaborative Tools Document calendaring using Luminis native functionality including combination of calendars into one. This was captured under task 106.   DS 
106Ce Group Admin Workflows  Paper based capture of workflows  PB 

Phase 2

ID Ref Title Lifecycle Stage Description Functional Specification Related Channels Responsibility Test Plan
201 Aa Metafind Resource Discovery Innovative Metafind deferred        
202 Ab Z39.50 CREE Jafer portlet Resource Discovery Using CREE Portlet to acces ZETOC site 202 func spec   PB  
203 Af ULPD Search Resource Discovery Simple Search linking into ULPD Database     BJ  
204 Ch Dear Diary SSO Collaborative Tools Link to some kind of blog deferred     DS  
205 Ca Forums/Threaded Discussions Collaborative Tools Use the native Luminis forums 205 func spec   PB 205 test plan
206 Ce Group Admin Collaborative Tools Decision and scoping for representing and managing VRE groups
Automated creation of calendars and forums for groups, i.e. automating workflow identified in 106
206 func spec
206 test plan
207 Bf Generate Funding Alerts RSS Obtain Funding Package an email folder (which contains email alerts from subscription services) as an RSS feed 207 func spec   GK 207 test plan
208 Bf Present funding RSS Obtain Funding A channel that displays the RSS feed from 207
Enable the channel to filter the RSS feed based on simple preference tags
208 func spec   GK 208 test plan
209   Training Tutorial investigation All / Generic Investigation extending 103 to other lifecycle stages, including other University of Leeds websites as well as RSU, eg SDDU, Library     DS  
210   Tutorial Channel on Obtain Funding Obtain Funding Turn links and sources (from 103) into a workflow guide on applying for funds 210 func spec   PB  

Phase 2.5

IDRefTitleLifecycle StageDescription Func SpecRelated ChannelsRespTest Plan
250 Setup prototypeAll lifecycle Draw up a set of tabs and layouts (cf   DS 
251  Build basic research group infrastructure Collaborative toolsThe core database tables required to implement and support EVIE research groups e251funcspec  PB 
252  EVIE research group admin Collaborative toolsExtending the Group Admin channel (task 206) to populate the EVIE group tables (task 251) e252funcspec e206 PB 
253 Document options for channels being group awareCollaborative toolsDocument all of the ideas discussed for making a channel aware of the available EVIE research groups, and having the tool select one of the groups for its current view  DS 
254 a group aware channelCollaborative toolsThe modified Luminis Group Studio forum are being used as an example of an aware channel  e205   
255 channel modified to add group selectionCollaborative ToolsThe modified forum has been given a drop down select to change the current group viewed    

Phase 3

IDRefTitleLifecycle Stage Description Func SpecRelated ChannelsRespTest Plan
300  Group Selection Collaborative ToolsAllows user to select the active group using the tables defined in 251 e300selectGroup  PB 300Test
301  Group bookmarks Collaborative ToolsShares an edit-able bookmarks among the currently selected research group 301funcSpec  GK 301Test
302  Forum Collaborative ToolsA forum for the research group e302forum  PB 
302a   minor change request, remove selector drop down      
303  Community blog Collaborative ToolsA community blog (elgg) for the currently selected research group e303funcSpec  PB/DS evie303Test
303a   Discuss functionality to surface
push values into MySQL
template work (caveat)
304 Research Group Member ListCollaborative ToolsLists the members of the currently selected research group    DS 
305 WikiCollaborative ToolsPresents a shared document editing area    DS/PB 
305a   SSO to xwiki
extend group admin to register users(?)
template mod
306 Extend research group infrastructreCollaborative toolsInclude extra database tables to allow tools to be associated with parameters specific to individual research groups

IFrame channel to be group aware
307 Document subscribing to group aware channel setsCollaborative toolsDocument how to subscribe to all of the individual tools available to the research groups    
308 Set up calendar server on LuminisCollaborative toolsDocument and implement LP so calendar server is available    
309  Feedback channel  Based on Portal feedback channel but tailored to gathering feedback on EVIE VRE 309funcSpec  GK 309Test
310  EVIE Tab Colours  Allow Luminis to support different coloured tabs 310funcSpec  GK 310Test