e-Expenses for Staff:


Red squirrelWelcome to the e-Expenses webpage.

e-Expenses is an electronic expense claim entry and processing system for employees. You enter your claim and submit it for electronic approval straight from your computer. The workflow is a simple four-stage process comprising: Input; Approve; Check; and Pay.

Following a succcessful pilot exercise, e-Expenses is now being implemented across the University. e-Expenses is live in the faculties of Medicine and Health, ESSL, Engineering, Arts, PVAC, Biological Sciences and Business, plus Central Services, Libraries, Facilities Directorate and Information Systems Services. A final implementation in the faculties of Environment and Mathematics and Physical Sciences is planned for April 2013.


    1. Speed of payment - weekly reimbursement as all e-Expenses fully certified by 5pm on a working Friday will credit the claimant’s bank account by the following Friday.

    2. Time savings - less admin work due to a streamlined certification process, online validation, less requests for advances and the option to use multiple costs objects.

    3. Convenience - weekly payments, reducing the need for one-off CHAPS runs.

    4. VAT savings - recovery of VAT on valid expenses.

    5. Enhanced reporting - easier recall of management information to analyse cost patterns and produce exception reports, to counter fraud, to increase value for money, to reconcile claims and to monitor carbon emissions.

    6. Transparency - online query resolution and tracking, obviating the need for separate e-mails, phone calls and spreadsheet query logs.

    7. Security - network driven system using SAP Employer Self Service (ESS).

    Accessing the system

User Training and Guidance