VAT And Tax:

The VAT registration number for the University is GB613451470

The following VAT guides, documents and resources are available here.

If you have a specific question, or if you would like to arrange a formal VAT training session for your team, please contact the VAT Helpdesk, .

For queries relating to employment taxes, please contact Payroll, .

VAT guidance

  1. General guides on dealing with VAT for different staff roles;
  2. VAT codes and code selection
  3. Printable quick reference helpsheet
  4. Specific VAT issues, e.g. Research, VAT Relief for medical research purchases, disabled access works.
VAT updates history
  1. Reference resource showing previous updates issued on
     VAT matters.
Corporation tax
  1.  Guidance on identifying Primary Purpose and Non Primary Purpose activities for corporation tax reporting
Withholding tax
  1. An explanation of Withholding Tax and when it is likely to be relevant;
  2. What to do if Withholding Tax needs to be / has been withheld from international payments.
Forms and certificates
  1.  Including tax relief claim forms and certificates relating
    to the University’s status
Tax services
  1. Further information about the University’s approach to taxes and the services we can provide.
Contact us
  1. E-mail the VAT Helpdesk,