Research Interests

Professor Ganapathy Ramachandran
bulletApplications of Extreme Value Theory to Fire Protection and Insurance problems
bulletProbabilistic Evaluation of Compartment Failure and Evacuation Time
bulletStochastic Treatment of Flame Turbulence
bulletDesign Fire Size for Smoke Ventilation Systems
bulletCoupling of Deterministic and Probabilistic Fire Models
bulletRebates for Deductibles and Sprinklers in Industrial Fire Insurance and Consequential (Indirect) Losses
bulletDevelopment of a Probabilistic Framework for Fire Safety Engineering problems and for incorporating appropriate provisions in Fire Safety Regulations, Codes and Standards.
bulletProbabilistic Fire Risk Assessment
bulletReliability of Sprinklers, Detectors and Structural Fire Protection.
bulletExtreme value Models for fires with Multiple Deaths.
bulletStochastic Treatment of Flame Propagation - Brownian Motion, Diffusion.
bulletApplication of Bayesian Techniques to Fire Protection and Insurance problems.
bulletEconomic Analysis of Fire Protection Measures including interactions and trade-offs between measures.
bulletEconomically Optimum Package of Fire Protection Measures and Insurance Options including Self-Insurance.
bulletFire Protection Engineering, Economics and Insurance of Tall Buildings against Catastrophic Fires.
bulletApplication of Utility Theory to Fire Protection and Insurance Problems.
bulletActuarial Problems in Fire Insurance.
bulletApplication of Economic Models for Estimating Indirect/Consequential Losses due to Fires.

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