Are you a Muslim born, raised or living permanently in Britain? And have you travelled for Hajj from the UK?
Can you spare half an hour to share your experiences before, during and after the pilgrimage?

As part of his research on Hajj-going amongst British Muslims, Dr Seán McLoughlin is conducting a comprehensive online survey again during 2013-14.

The survey is open to British Muslims from any background who have already been for Hajj. The survey will focus on understanding:
- the circumstances of deciding to go for Hajj, your arrangements, preparations and journey
- the religious significance and meaning for you of being in Makkah and Madinah and performing the rituals
- your comments about the heritage and modern organisation of the Hajj
- your experience of returning home and what it means to be a Hajji today
Please complete the survey at http://www.survey.leeds.ac.uk/hajj

The data collected will be disseminated as part of a report which British Muslim pilgrims, organisations, Hajj tour operators and others could find interesting and useful. Some preliminary headlines are listed here.

Feedback from 177 British Muslim pilgrims surveyed in 2012 as a contribution to the British Museum’s Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam exhibition, included the following comments:

      • - “Very good survey - should be given out at the airport when hajjis come back”

      • - “I found it useful to reflect”

      • - “I FEEL ITS A VERY GOOD SURVEY, HOPEFULLY IT WILL HELP THE HUJJAJ IN FUTURE. AMEEN”“I hope this helps to bring understanding to people about the significance of Hajj for Muslims”