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The Centre for Collaborative Heritage Research: Archival Encounters Series

The Archival Encounters Series is being developed by the CCHR to promote the use of archival collections held on campus.

Archival Encounters I- Using Archives in Research

3rd July 2012

The first of these events focussed on use of archives in research. The programme featured six short presentations from speakers that used different archival collections on campus in a variety of research, followed by responses or provocations from a similar number of people. Speakers included:

  • Professor Jonathan Pitches (PCI) talking about his work on the Laban Archive, recently acquired by the Brotherton
  • MA History student Alex Riley on his use of the Liddle Collection
  • Professor Bridget Bennett (School of English) on her use of material relating to Leeds Slavery Abolitionists
  • Josie Frear (M&S)
  • Jessica Gray (M&S)
  • David Hill (Fine Art, St Georges Fields Registers GPS project with Geography)

Archival Encounters II- Using Archives in Research

1st Nov 2012

  • Joslin McKinney from the Curriculum Enhancement Project speaking about the way archives might work in the future within research-led teaching
  • Ruth Payne from Linguistics in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures on her work developing resources for A Level students with the Marks & Spencer Archive; Paul Faber from the School of English on his Level 1 unit using Shakespeare’s folios and other related dramatic documents
  • Fiona Douglas, also from the School of English, on her UG module in partnership with Yorkshire museums, using the Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture
  • Katherine Carter, Company Archivist at the M&S Company Archive
  • Katy Goodrum, Head of Brotherton Special Collections

Archival Encounters III- Digitisation

4th Feb 2013

Digitisation has transformed many aspects of contemporary archive and curatorial policy and practice, re-shaping the way collections are preserved, catalogued, presented and accessed. Our speakers will raise questions about the uses and abuses of digitisation, speculating in particular on the role of digitisation in education, in the context of student, researcher and public expectations about access and engagement. Speakers included:

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