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CASPAR is a 8.8M Euro project, funded by the European Commission under the Information Society Technologies of the Sixth Framework programme. It aims to build a pioneering framework to support end-to-end preservation lifecycle for scientific, artistic and cultural information. The project consortium consists of 17 research institutions and laboratories from academic and industrial sectors across Europe.

CASPAR activities at ICSRiM

Preservation of multimedia performances (click on the image to view in its full size)

At ICSRiM, we are working on the preservation of interactive multimedia performances, as part of the contemporary arts testbed of CASPAR. We are particularly interested in the preservation of interactive multimedia performances using gesture control systems such as the Music via Motion system.

We consider ontologies as a semantically rich knowledge base for preservation and use them to describe complex relationships among different components of a performance. The ISO standard CIDOC-CRM ontology is considered for this purpose and extended in various ways to accommodate specific requirements of preservation of multimedia performances.

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