International Medieval Research 1

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Across the Mediterranean Frontiers: Trade, Politics and Religion, 650-1450
Edited by Dionisius A. Agius and Ian Richard Netton

Using insights derived from the works of the great annaliste historian Fernand Braudel and those of David Abulafia, this volume aims at presenting a fully-rounded picture of the Medieval Islamic Mediterranean between the years 650 and 1450. It ranges from discussions on Islamic Spain and Sicily through essays on economic and cultural exchange to an examination of Islamic and western politics and religious thought. It also surveys work and warfare in some of the most fascinating centuries of the medieval period and concludes with a profound assessment of the Islamic sources and their transmission. This is a magisterial volume which no historian of the Mediterranean will wish to be without.

Articles in this volume include:

  • The Impact of the Orient: Economic Interactions between East and West in the Medieval Mediterranean, by David Abulafia
  • Phoenician Origins of the Mosque of Cordoba, Madina Azahara and the Alhambra, by Marvin H. Mills
  • La invasión árabe y el inicio de la 'Reconquista' en el noroeste de la península ibérica (93-251/711-865), by M. Jorge López Quiroga and Mónica Rodríquez Lovelle
  • The Hohenstaufen Heritage of Constanza of Sicily and the Mediterranean Expansion of the Crown of Aragon in the Later Thirteenth Century, by Marta van Landingham
  • Heresy and Holiness in a Mediterranean Dynasty: the House of Barcelona in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries, by Nikolas Jaspert
  • Pisa and Catalonia Between the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries, by Silvia Orvietani Busch
  • Datini and Venice: News from the Mediterranean Trade Network, by Eleanor A. Congdon
  • Perceptions of the East in Fourteenth-Century Italian Merchants' Manuals, by John E. Dotson
  • Averroes' Commentary on Plato's Republic, and the Missing Politics, by Oliver Leaman
  • Al-Ghazālī, Metaphor and Logic, by Salim Kemal
  • The Influence of the Arabic Pseudo-Empedocles on Medieval Latin Philosophy: Myth or Reality?, by Daniel De Smet
  • The Paradise and the City: Preliminary Remarks on Muslim Sacral Geography, by Jan M. F. Van Reeth
  • The Basic Postulates of Sūfism in the Poetry of Yūnus Emre, by Xénia Celnarová
  • The Genoese Art of Warfare, by Gabriella Airaldi
  • Repercusiones de la piratería mediterránea y atlántica en el comercio exterior castellano a finales de la edad media, by Nuan Manuel Bello León
  • Historical-Linguistic Reliability of Muqaddasī's Information on Types of Ships, by Dionisius A. Agius
  • Para una nomenclatura acerca de la indumentaria islámica en Al-Andalus, by Dolores Serrano-Niza
  • Ibn Battūta y las escuelas jurídicas en los países del Mediterranéo, by María Arcas Campoy
  • Textual Cohesion of the Aljamiado Hadith de Yuçuf, by Esther M. Martínez
  • Translations as Seen by al-Jāhiz and Hunayn Ibn Ishāq: Observer Versus Practitioner, by Mariam Salama Carr
  • La littérature arabe représentée dans les bibliothèques de waqf en Bulgarie au XIXe siècle, by Stoyanka Kenderova