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Booking Audio-Visual Equipment

Standard Equipment

All session rooms at the IMC come with a PC/laptop and data projector as standard. If a data projector and PC/laptop is all that you require, you can leave the equipment field blank when submitting your proposal. All computers are USB flash drive compatible, run on Windows, and have Microsoft Office software installed (currently Office 2013). If you have any concerns regarding compatibility of files or software that you would like to use during your session, please contact IMC administration.

Booking Equipment Online

The preferred method of booking equipment is via the online paper / session proposal form. Please read the information below to see what equipment can be provided at the IMC.

Planning for AV equipment for the Congress starts in November each year. Equipment changes made after this are quite difficult, as room allocations are made based in part on equipment needs. Equipment ordered after December cannot be guaranteed at the Congress.

If you are planning to use any equipment at the Congress, please ensure that you are familiar with its basic functions before you arrive. Session room assistants will be happy to help with IMC equipment as much as possible, but as they supervise more than one session room, they will not have time before each paper to help every speaker use their equipment.

Apple Mac Compatibility

Apple Mac systems and hardware are not catered for or supported at the University of Leeds. University of Leeds PCs and laptops will not accept USB flash drives formatted to Mac-only filesystem (e.g. Mac OS Extended). Please ensure that all USB flash drives are compatible with Windows before coming to the Congress.

Standard session room equipment is compatible with Macs, but the IMC cannot provide Mac adapter cables. Please bring all necessary equipment to connect your Mac with you to the Congress. If you have any queries regarding using your Mac at the Congress or what is required to connect it to the session room equipment, please contact IMC administration.

What Equipment Can Be Provided?

PC / Laptop

All session rooms come with a PC or laptop as standard and they do not need to be ordered separately. All PCs and laptops run on Windows and come with Microsoft Office as standard, including Powerpoint. If you require any other software please confirm with IMC administration that it can be provided when you submit your proposal. Software requests not confirmed with IMC administration cannot be accommodated.

If you require accessibility options (for example, high contrast display) to be enabled on the PC or laptop for your session, please specify on your proposal by placing a comment in the ‘Other’ section.

If you have any queries relating to the specifications, software, compatibility, or accessibility of PCs and laptops provided in session rooms please contact IMC administration.

If you are bringing your presentation on a flash drive, USB memory stick or other forms of mass media storage, please make sure that it is in Windows compatible format.

Data Projector

Every IMC session room has a data projector and a single PC or laptop as standard.

A data projector is used to project digital images through a PC or laptop. Our data projectors are PC compatible and are provided with a VGA connection lead. If using your own laptop please ensure it has a female VGA monitor output, otherwise it will not be possible to connect it to our projectors. Data projectors can be used with Apple Macs but you will need to provide your own connecting cables. Technical support cannot be guaranteed for Apple Macs.

Internet Access

All session room PCs/laptops are provided with wireless internet access. If you require internet access as part of your session (for example, promoting a new website), please specify this as part of your proposal to allow the connection to be tested thoroughly beforehand.

Internet is provided across campus via the Eduroam or MeetinLeeds wireless network for the duration of the Congress. All registered Congress delegates are provided with a username and password to access wireless internet.

Over Head Projector (OHP) / Transparency Projector

An overhead projector is used to display images printed on transparent film. All our OHPs are of a standard size and images should be printed on A4 transparencies for the best results.

Overhead projectors can only be used with images printed onto transparencies, they cannot display digital computer images.

Slide Projector

A slide projector is used to display images contained on 35mm slides. If you are using slides, please ensure that they are mounted on plastic frames, as cardboard frames can jam the projectors.

NB Slide projectors are no longer being manufactured and Kodak ceased to manufacture parts for slide projectors in early 2007. As a result we are having great difficulty locating usable slide projectors. Should you request a slide projector we will endeavour to provide one for you, however if this is not possible we will inform you as soon as possible.

We strongly advise all delegates to use a digital format in place of a manual slide projector.

If you have any questions regarding AV equipment, please do not hesitate to contact IMC administration.

Audio Equipment / CD Player

PCs and laptops provided in session rooms are compatible with all common digital audio file formats and have CD drives.

Speakers are available in most session rooms, but if you require speakers to play audio during your session please specify on your proposal form to ensure that the necessary equipment can be made available.

If you require audio equipment for analogue formats (e.g. tapes) please contact IMC administration to see whether the equipment can be provided.


All larger session rooms are provided with microphones, but not all the smaller session rooms. If you wish to use a microphone please specify on your proposal form.

Laser Pointers

Due to security issues associated with providing laser pointers, the IMC does not provide laser pointers in its session rooms.

Induction Loops

If you have hearing difficulties and require the use of the assistive listening system please contact the IMC in advance to hire a receiver. Many session rooms contain infrared assistive listening systems. The IMC can provide a portable induction loop to rooms that do not have an installed assistive listening system. Please contact the IMC by 14 May if you wish to use this service.

Equipment Setup and Support

Equipment Provision for Sessions

Equipment is available for use 20 minutes prior to the session. As equipment may be moved between session rooms, your equipment may take time to arrive, but will be available before the start of the session.

Session Rooms Assistants

Each session room is assigned a session room assistant. These members of IMC staff will introduce themselves to the organiser, speakers, and moderator at the start of the session. The session room assistants ensure that session rooms remain tidy, that the correct equipment is provided, and that water is available for speakers. Note that although session room assistants will try to resolve equipment issues, serious equipment faults may require assistance from a technician. Please be patient while waiting for the technician to arrive, as they may be helping other delegates.

Session room assistants will be available around the time each paper starts and finishes. However, if a problem arises and no session room assistant is available, please go to an Information and Payment desk and a member of IMC staff will assist you.