IMC 2012 - Video and photographs from the Congress

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Video of Joust - 11 July 2012 | Combat display - 10 July 2012 | IMC Joust - 11 July 2012 | Bodington and Weetwood Sites - general and receptions

Combat display

Rules of Engagement: Armoured Combat Display on 10 July 2012 at Weetwood Hall Historical interpreters Andrew Balmforth and Andy Dean Demonstration of medieval foot combat Demonstration using the hand and a half sword
Combat display at Weetwood Hall IMC Audience members at Weetwood Hall


Knights and squires at the IMC Joust on 11 July 2012 at Bodington Hall Audience members at IMC Joust IMC Joust Stewards Knights, squires, and ladies lead the Procession to the Jousting arena
The procession to the Joust Knights on horseback at the IMC Joust The Joust begins! Knight on horseback
History's Made and Atkinson Action Horses provide a Joust for IMC delegates Arming the knight at the IMC Joust Joust to celebrate the last night of the IMC at Bodington Hall The lances are poised at the IMC Joust
The knights' lances meet at the IMC Joust A knight and his horse charge The skills of the squires are tested A squire is triumphant at the IMC Joust

Joust video