IMC 2017 Image Gallery

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Calligraphy workshop Crossing swords at the combat workshop
Combat workshop Special Collections drop-in sessions
Meeting curators at Special Collections sessions Browsing the Second-Hand and Antiquarian Bookfair
Delegates tempted by the IMC Bookfair Discovering the astrolabe at our workshop
Kristine Larsen leads the astrolabe workshop Trouvere Medieval Minstrels' concert
Trouvere's concert attracts a big audience 3Swords at Making Leeds Medieval
Talking to artists and artisans Meeting craftspeople
Arbeau Dancers lead delegates Combat display by 3Swords
Trying on armour at Medieval Day at the Museum Storytelling at Medieval Day at the Museum
Stamford Bridge Tapestry Project at Medieval Day at the Museum Leeds Waits performing traditional music
IMC Bookfair in Parkinson COurt Delegates tempted by the IMC Bookfair
Exploring traditional crafts with exhibitors Medieval-inspired jewellery at Making Leeds Medieval and the Medieval Craft Fair
Birds of prey at Making Leeds Medieval Delegates socialising at the Marquee
IMC delegates join in with the Arbeau Dancers