Strand Definitions: Scandinavian Studies

This strand is positioned purposefully widely to enable and encourage contributions from scholars working on all areas of medieval Scandinavian culture/society, history, literature, archaeology, linguistics, philology, anthropology and folklore (although this list is by no means prescriptive). Contributions may be suggested in the form of individual papers or themed sessions and are particularly welcomed from individuals working from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The strand has attracted an increasingly healthy series of contributions over the period during which the IMC has been running, with widely ranging sessions working on Old Icelandic and mainland Scandinavian topics. There has, perhaps, been less development of linguistic themes during these sessions and it would be encouraging to see this strand developing further in future years. Plans are in development to publish a series of papers within the area from the first ten years of the IMC and the co-ordinator would welcome proposals from scholars who have previously contributed to the strand.