IMC Proposal Guidelines

1. Participation and Languages

The International Medieval Congress 2017 (IMC 2017) welcomes sessions and papers on any topic relating to the European Middle Ages (300-1500). Anyone is welcome to propose a session or paper. However, we recommend that postgraduate students be in their 2nd year of research before proposing a paper. In order to produce a distinctive and fully international conference you are strongly encouraged to organise session(s) with a balance of both early career and established scholars with an equal representation from different continents, one or more of them being from mainland Europe. Please note that, to avoid scheduling difficulties, each participant may submit only one paper, which must be presented by the author and may not be presented on his/her behalf. To ensure that the sessions remain broadly accessible we do recommend that participants who present their paper in any language other than English provide a short handout of their presentation in English. Please note that once the submission has been accepted by the IMC Programming Committee and has been scheduled in the IMC 2017 Programme Book your attendance at the IMC in July is expected. Should you be forced to withdraw, for whatever reason, you must notify the IMC administration immediately. All participants are required to pay the appropriate Programming and Registration Fee (for estimated prices see paragraph 7).

2. The Structure of the Congress

The IMC 2017 will be held at the University of Leeds main Campus and runs from Monday 3 July to the afternoon of Thursday 6 July. Sessions will be held in thirteen 90-minute time-slots and three 60-minute timeslots. The 60-minute slots are to accommodate round table discussions, workshops, and demonstrations. During any one of these 17 blocks of time, up to 50 different sessions may be running simultaneously.

3. Individual Submissions for General Sessions

Scholars are welcome to offer a 20-minute paper within a general session. In this case the individual should complete the online form entitled 'Paper Proposal Form', and provide an abstract of around 100 words. The IMC 2017 Programming Committee will assess submissions using the abstract provided, place the selected papers into groups of three, and thereby organise sessions that share a common theme. We will include the abstracts of papers in our online programme for the IMC 2017. If your paper is accepted, we will contact you to give you the opportunity to make any appropriate changes to your abstract before the programme appears on our website. If for any reason you do not wish your abstract to appear on our website please tick the appropriate box on the form. The deadline for submissions for individual paper proposals is 31 August 2016.

4. Submission of Sessions

Organisers of sessions are invited to submit between one and four proposals plus up to one round table discussion. Please note, however, that the IMC administration may not be able to allocate the full number requested. We will include the abstracts of sessions in our online programme for the IMC 2017. If the session is accepted, we will contact all the speakers involved to give them the opportunity to make any appropriate changes to the abstract before the programme appears on our website. If for any reason you do not wish this session abstract to appear on our website please tick the appropriate box on the form.

Who may organise a Session?

4.1 Individuals or a group of colleagues (postgraduate students, independent scholars, university departments, societies etc.)

4.2 A named individual acting on behalf of an academic society, university department, research project, museum, journal or publisher, etc.

The body on whose behalf the organiser is acting is termed the sponsor, though the use of this term does not necessarily imply any financial contribution.

What is involved in organising a session?

4.3 You should gather three individuals, preferably from three different countries, to present 20-minute papers on a related topic in each session, plus a moderator who will introduce the speakers and preside over the discussion. We recommend that you have at least one substitute speaker in case of unexpected withdrawal by any of the three named speakers at a later stage. Sessions consisting of two papers will not be accepted, and we strongly advise you not to schedule four or more speakers in one session.

4.4 It is possible to have more than one organiser per session, but for programming reasons it is not possible to list more than three organisers per proposed session. If you would like to have a second organiser listed, add their details to the abstract field of the session proposal form.

4.5 It is possible to have more than three papers per session. In that case, add all details of the paper and the additional speaker in the abstract field of the session proposal form.

4.6 Provide a short abstract of the session of around 100 words.

4.7 Ensure that the speakers invited have not already submitted a paper in another session.

4.8 Ensure that all session participants are informed that they are required to pay the appropriate registration fee to attend.

4.9 Liaise with speakers during the year and take any appropriate initiatives to publicise the session(s) to interested parties in advance of the IMC.

4.10 Submit the official online proposal form, entitled 'Session Proposal Form', to the IMC administration by 30 September 2016. Proposals received after the deadline will only be considered after all on-time proposals have been assessed.
Note: The IMC administration is responsible for constructing the programme of the IMC 2017, organising the general sessions, providing accommodation and facilities, and the processing of registrations. A session organiser is responsible for organising and ensuring participation in his/her session(s).

5. Index Terms

All papers, whether included in a pre-organised session or submitted individually for a general session, must be indexed using the provided Index Terms. Please enter between two and four Index Terms for each paper. This index is not an exhaustive list of possible references, but is intended to assist those attending the conference to identify papers which might be of interest. A full list of all index terms can be found here.

6. Equipment Requirements

All session rooms at the IMC come with a PC/laptop and data projector ("beamer") as standard. Speakers and/or Session Organisers may request additional equipment if required. Please read the equipment notes before ordering your equipment. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. If more than one of a particular item is required, please specify this clearly. Speakers requiring equipment must inform the IMC administration of their requirements, giving as much detail as possible, before the end of November. After this date we cannot guarantee that any equipment requested will be available. If equipment is not requested, it will not be provided. Please note that late requests and requests for non-standard equipment may incur a charge.

7. Acceptance Criteria for IMC Session and Paper Proposals

Proposals will be assessed according to the following criteria:

7.1 Originality of content.

7.2 Clarity of content and expression.

7.3 Provision of complete and accurate information on the proposal form.

7.4 Contribution to overall coherence and diversity of the programme.

Further criteria will apply to proposals for sessions:

7.5 Overall coherence and demonstration of a clear academic rationale.

7.6 Overall number of sessions submitted by the organiser or sponsor (no more than four session per organiser/sponsor).

7.7 Diversity of session participants, e.g. in terms of institution and nationality.

8. Location and Probable Prices

The International Medieval Congress (IMC) will be held at the University of Leeds on its main campus. On-site accommodation will be provided in Charles Morris Hall, Ellerslie Hall, Lyddon Hall, Devonshire Hall, and Henry Price Residences. Further accommodation will be available at the nearby hotels and halls of residence. Estimated costs for the IMC 2016 are as follows: Registration Fee for the entire Congress: c.£233.00 (standard), c.£129.00 (student/retired/unwaged), c.£135.00 (day rate); Accommodation in University Halls starts from c.£35.00 per night.

9. Business Meetings and Receptions

Business Meetings and Receptions can be arranged by contacting the IMC administration at

10. Bursaries

If you wish to be considered for a bursary for the IMC 2017 please complete and submit our online form no later than 15 October 2016.

11. Accessibility and Support

Support for delegates is available upon request, but reasonable notice would be appreciated. The IMC venues include a number of accessible session rooms. As session rooms are finalised in December according to the information received on the proposal forms, although every effort will be made after this time, we can not guarantee the provision of accessible session rooms unless we are informed of this requirement when the paper or session proposal is submitted.