Global community

At Leeds you'll be part of a global community of students. You can meet interesting people from across the world at some of our regular Global Community events including our Global Café every Monday.

You can also join our student union societies , the University's Intercultural Ambassadors Programme and other students from across the University at the annual World Unite Festival (pictured above).

As part of our Global Community you can learn more about a language, country or culture, discover new things and broaden your horizons, developing skills to prepare for an international career.

Global Café

Make friends with people from around the world at our weekly Global Café, which happens in the students' union. Themed events are held throughout the year to celebrate a particular student society, history month, holiday or to help you to learn a new skill.

Global Café is ideal for checking out study abroad destinations, practising a language, and meeting travelling companions and future holiday hosts.

Intercultural Ambassadors

The Intercultural Ambassadors programme trains UK and international student volunteers to create and run exciting projects to help students from all backgrounds enjoy being part of our multicultural community. You can make new friends, celebrate and share your cultural heritage, and gain practical experience of teamwork, project development and activity management.

For more information visit the Global Community web pages, or email

Other opportunities

The International Students’ Club

The International Students’ Club is a friendly group which meets for social activities and cultural exchange.Everyone is welcome; it's a great way to meet new people and share experiences.

Language exchange

If you want to learn or improve a language, you can create a profile to find a language exchange partner – a student who has an interest in your language and culture. This is a great way to learn about another culture, practise language skills and make friends. For more information visit the language zone

Visit a British home with HOST UK

The HOST programme sends international students into British homes across the UK for weekend or day visits. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, share your culture and understand British culture better.

Find out more on our global community pages