For Masters applications for 2017 entry, please use the agent portal to submit applications on behalf of your students. Applicants for 2018 entry onwards are not yet open. In the application system (if applying as a student) there is no field to add agent details and it is therefore vital that you submit the application via the agent portal. When logged in to it you will be able to access all the applications submitted by you or other agents in your office and see all the correspondence between the applicant and the University.

Please note: access to the agent portal is currently only available to contracted agents.

We recommend you read our portal guide before logging in to the system.

Getting access to the agent portal

If you haven’t already been set up on the portal, you can request access to the portal via this online form. When the form has been submitted we will validate the details and set you up on the system. Once set up, you will receive an email with an invitation code that you need to redeem in order to complete your registration. Please see the portal guide for further instructions.

It may take a few days for the invitation code to be sent to you. If you haven’t received it or the system tells you that the invitation code has expired/ is invalid, please email

Please note: your email address will be your username and it has to be unique; you cannot have several users with the same email address. 

Access problems and changing your details

You can change your name, email address and password on your profile page on the portal. You can also reset your password by clicking Forgot your password? on the sign in page.

If you have been locked out of your account, please contact

Submitting applications

Detailed instructions can be found in the portal guide, but below are some points we’d like to emphasize.

To submit applications via the portal you first have to create an applicant record for the student. Please make sure you enter the student’s email address on their record; the student will then be able to monitor their application progress via the applicant portal. You will not be able to enter your own email address on their record. 

The student will have the same access as you and is able to enter or upload information whilst the application is in the draft stage and once submitted they are able to accept/ decline their offer (if applicable). You are also able to do all of this on the student’s behalf.

The application has mandatory fields – these are the fields that are the minimum requirement needed in order to create a valid application – and these may vary depending on the course. Some may require you to submit specific information and you are able to upload supporting documents to applications of up to 15MB per file.

When submitting an application you are able to download it as a PDF. When submitted the application will be read only and you will no longer be able to edit or amend it directly. To request any changes or to submit any further information you can do so via the enquiries section of the portal.

After submission, you cannot download the PDF, however the applicant will be able to do so via the application portal.

Monitoring applications and accepting or declining offers

Submitted applications can be viewed on the portal and you will be notified via the portal when an offer is made, if the University has requested further information for an application or an applicant is invited to an interview. 

Please note: you have to be logged in as an agent in order to see all your students’ applications.

You can see the outcomes of your applications within the Decisions section and either you or the student can accept or decline the offer. You will also be able to download a copy of the offer letter within this section.

If a student wishes to defer, you (or the student) can request a deferral via the enquiries section of the portal.

Communicating with the University via the portal

Within the portal there is an Enquiries section. This can be used to ask specific questions regarding an application or for more general enquiries about studying at the University of Leeds. Any enquiries will be responded to via the portal as soon as possible. You can also monitor the enquiries submitted by any user in your office. 

If an enquiry is raised on a specific application, the student will also be able to see the enquiry when logged in to the applicant portal. 

If we need to request further information from you we will do so via the Messages section of the portal. You can respond to the message via the portal and attached any relevant documents. 

Further guidance is included in the portal guide.