Take the time to research the different types of accommodation on offer. During the September welcome period there are accommodation assistants to help you to find a place to live. At other times you can visit the International Student Office for help and advice. Temporary accommodation may be available if you would like to arrive earlier than your accommodation contract start date, or you are unable to move in as soon as you arrive in Leeds.

University accommodation

Make sure you apply to live in University accommodation in plenty of time. Browse our accommodation website for information about the types of halls of residence and flats available, how to apply, deadlines and what you can expect from your accommodation.

Private accommodation

If you decide to live in privately-rented accommodation, help and advice is available from the Student Advice Centre, run by Leeds University Union. We also recommend you use Unipol, a student homes organisation based on campus, to look for private accommodation. We recommend viewing private rented accommodation before you sign a contract.


Unipol advertises hundreds of houses and flats which are available to rent. There is also an online student notice-board where you can find housemates to share with.

Unipol can also give you information about signing a contract with a Code of Standards owner who has agreed to provide a property which complies with basic health, safety and amenity standards. If you notice a landlord fails to comply with the code you can use Unipol’s complaints system

Before you sign a private sector accommodation contract:

  • inspect the property using the Unipol or the Student Advice Centre checklist
  • make sure the property is up to the standard described on the agreement. If there are any issues with the property, report them to the landlord or letting agency immediately
  • calculate all the costs and estimate what you will need to pay for things like gas, electricity, and internet service

The Student Advice Centre and Unipol outlet can check your contract with you before you sign it. If you are arriving in September you can also visit the International Student Information Point to have your contract checked.

Important: if you accept or sign a contract for University or private-sector accommodation you will be legally bound to pay rent until the end of the contract, even if you move out before this, so don’t commit to a contract if you are unsure.

Paying rent

You should pay your rent directly to your landlord. If you are in a shared house with a joint contract, you should each pay your landlord the agreed amount on the agreed dates. It is not safe to give your rent to another tenant to pay on your behalf as you will not have the protection of a contract. If you are considering doing this, speak to the Student Advice Centre first.


Your accommodation contract will usually have a clause which does not allow sub-letting. You should never sub-let without permission and never have an unauthorized person staying in your property, other than guests there for a few days.

Family accommodation

If you have a family and they will be moving with you to Leeds, we recommend that you travel alone and arrange permanent accommodation before you bring your family to Leeds.

There are different options available and things you will need to know about before arranging family accommodation. Our website for current students has information about finding suitable accommodation, schools and facilities.

Council tax

Council tax is a charge that each local government makes for services it provides to the local community. Many students are exempt and do not have to pay council tax.

You should not have to pay council tax (you are exempt) if:

  • you are a student registered on a full-time course of at least one academic or calendar year
  • you are living in a University residence
  • you are a dependant of a full-time student who is exempt

If you do not have to pay council tax, find out about registering that you are exempt

Find out more from Leeds City Council or on the UK Council for International Student Affairs website

If you think you may have to pay council tax or you receive a council tax bill you can get help by contacting the Student Advice Centre