Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.

Information in this category which is not published on the University website can be requested in writing (see Make an FOI request on the left) and the University will provide any information requested which is not subject to an exemption from disclosure under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

Strategies and Plans

Current information on strategies and plans is primarily published under the relevant links from or from the webpage for the School, Service or Body responsible for delivering the strategy or plan.

Overall Strategy

Annual report

Annual reports

Student education

Academic quality and standards

Information on the University's internal procedures for assuring academic quality and standards and qualitative data on the quality and standards of learning and teaching

External review information

Information such as the annual monitoring and review process together with a statement of roles, responsibilities and authority of different bodies within the institution involved in programme approval and review

Leeds for Life

Leeds for Life is the University's approach to helping students get more out of University. At the heart of it is personal tutoring. One-to-one meetings ensure that skills gaps are identified and academic development can be supported.


Government and regulatory reports

Accreditation and monitoring reports by professional, statutory or regulatory bodies and information that an institution is legally obliged to make available to its funding and/or monitoring bodies.

Reports by external reviewing bodies may be available from their websites for example: