About Leeds South Asia

Our team in South Asia help students in the region with the University’s application process. We could help you from the beginning of the process through to when you register at Leeds. We have offices in Delhi and Chennai and work with agents across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

We provide information about the University, its courses, scholarships, fees, eligibility criteria and the application process. Staff from the South Asia office also travel to major cities in the region to meet students and their families.

We also keep in touch with students who have been offered a place at Leeds. We help conditional offer holders gain a place at the University and help students with unconditional offers get the paperwork they need.

To study in the UK you will need to get a Tier 4 student visa. We provide advice and guidance to students who are completing their visa application - you can find more information on our visas page.

Pre-departure events

We organise pre-departure briefings in all the major cities in India. Students and their families get an opportunity to meet fellow offer holders for Leeds and get advice about accommodation, visas, making travel plans and preparing for their studies. This is also an opportunity for students to meet our alumni who share their experiences and can answer any questions that they might have. These briefings are only open to applicants and offer holders. 


All international students are guaranteed University accommodation if they apply by the deadline. We give students advice on the accommodation available in Leeds and guidance on the application process. Visit our accommodation website for more information.

Guidance on fees

We provide students with advice and guidance on how to pay their tuition and accommodation fees. Please refer to our finances page for information. If you have any questions, contact us.