From proof of concept through to post market evaluation, we offer a complete service to assess the potential of new technologies, underpinned by real-world data.

Along with our clinical partner Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, we have the infrastructure, talent and ambition to be the national leader in evaluating medical technology.

Evaluation focuses on:

  • patient safety
  • clinical efficacy 
  • cost effectiveness 

Our key strengths in musculoskeletal conditions, cardiovascular disease and cancer include specialised capabilities in in-vitro (laboratory) diagnostics and surgical technologies including ability to provide evaluation of a device or a technique or a technology across the entire spectrum from pre-clinical testing to clinical evaluation and post-market surveillance.

Pre-clinical testing

We have particular capabilities in pre-clinical testing, using both experimental and simulation techniques. 

  • Pre-clinical materials and devices testing
  • Biomedical and biomechanical simulation
  • In-silico (computerised) trials linked with imaging and modelling
  • Economic evaluation of device development

These are suitable for surgical robotics, orthopaedic implants and rehabilitation technology.

Clinical evaluation

We provide seamless access to real world data, to support:

  • validating new diagnostic tests
  • clinical trials of complex interventions
  • health economics of medical technology
  • linked electronic health records
  • analysing clinical results

Speed of evaluation

Emerging medical technology can be evaluated quickly, and in-house, thanks to our expertise in:

  • robotics and sensing technology
  • imaging and image guided treatment
  • biomarker detection
  • artificial Intelligence and digitally enabled healthcare solutions

Bringing new technology into the NHS 

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has a support mechanism to simplify the processes involved with introducing new technology. In practice, this helps bring new technology into the NHS effectively and quickly. 

The Trust's Medical Physics group handles the whole process, using real-world data to make sure the introduction is both safe and timely. 

Companies can access this support to help deliver services to other NHS Trusts and speed up the introduction of a new technology in their local hospital.