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Inside the driving simulator

We are among the top ten research universities in the UKWith over 1,000 researchers, our annual research income is £128m

We have a range of facilities to support our research from internationally significant collections in our library to state-of-the-art laboratories. They are also a great resource for companies looking for specialist research services.

Laboratories and clinical facilities

Across campus and St James' University Hospital we have a range of high-tech laboratories for biomedical and physical sciences, food and engineering - including clean rooms for bionanotechnology and plant science greenhouses.

Our campus is connected to Leeds General Infirmary and the institute of molecular medicine based at St James University Hospital, helping bring researchers closer to clinicians and patients. Leeds teaching hospitals are some of the biggest in Europe.

Facilites tailored to your research 

No matter how specific your research we have facilities for you. This includes some unusual specialist ones, like our two computerised simulators. 

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Flight simulator

The Airbus A320 flight simulator was built by 12 aviation technology students as part of their final year project to promote the safety and efficiency of flight operations. Students use the simulator to develop their reactions to critical situations such as engine failure, display malfunctioning and freak weather.

Driving simulator

Our driving simulator is one of the most advanced worldwide in a research environment. It allows our transport researchers to watch driver behaviour in accurately controlled laboratory conditions without putting anyone at risk on real roads.