Preparing for Leeds

Guides packed with helpful information to make your move to Leeds easy.

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Applying to Leeds

How you apply depends on the level of degree you want to take. There are five options you can choose from.

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Your finances

What does it cost to study at the University of Leeds? Find out what and when to pay.

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Worldwide partners

Our partnerships with businesses and organisations around the globe put us at the cutting-edge of teaching and research.

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Your future

Get a qualification from the University of Leeds and your career prospects will be bright.

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International profile

Naoya Maruyama

Naoya Maruyama

MA Linguistics and English Language Teaching

Naoya tells us about his course and how he has developed as a person since he began studying in Leeds

You will meet the most amazing people from all over the world…and will become more confident and independent than you ever thought was possible.

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