10 ways to a more sustainable world

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New branch grows on a tree

Much of the world-class research carried out at the University of Leeds has a far-reaching and positive impact on addressing global sustainability issues.

Creating a positive and lasting impact on sustainability can take many forms - from reappraising economic sectors or work practices, or using science to develop new technologies, to developing research-informed public policies and making adjustments in individual lifestyles that conserve natural resources.

Our research has influenced many aspects of everyday life and highlights of work achieved by Leeds researchers are profiled here.

Finding answers to hunger and malnutrition in Africa

Africa college was founded in 2008 by the University of Leeds. Our research is focusing on the accurate prediction and evaluation of climate change-related effects on human health and food security.
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Achieving sustainability for UK uplands

The Sustainable Uplands project brings together those who live, work and play in the uplands with scientists and policy makers to investigate ways of achieving a sustainable future.
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Young inventor's solar powered fridge changes lives

Enterprise scholar, Emily Cummins', solar powered fridge uses simple, green technology and is already benefitting families living in townships across Southern Africa.
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