We provide outstanding consultancy and advisory services to many types of businesses and not-for-profit organisations. Over 500 of our academics are currently involved in applied research and consultancy services. We have the experience, facilities and expertise to deliver a wide range of projects; and we ensure that these deliver results on time and on budget.

What kind of consultancy services do we offer?

We offer a broad range of services including: 

  • technical and strategic advice 
  • expert witness services 
  • feasibility studies 
  • product development 
  • interpretation/analysis
  • testing and use of specialist equipment. 

We are experienced in developing bespoke services to suit the requirements of individual businesses. Using our consultancy services gives you access to world-leading research which can generate a range of benefits for your organisation.

Contact our consulting experts

Arts, Humanities and Cultures  Becky Adams and Elizabeth Smith  LHRI@Leeds.ac.uk and pvacresearch@leeds.ac.uk
Biological Sciences Christine Gibson c.gibson@leeds.ac.uk
Business Susanne Marchant s.e.marchant@leeds.ac.uk
Earth and Environment Maxine Porter m.l.porter@leeds.ac.uk
Education, Social Sciences and Law Sarah Warm S.R.Warm@education.leeds.ac.uk
Engineering Karen Steenson K.A.Steenson@leeds.ac.uk
Mathematics and Physical Sciences Janet Mackintosh j.e.z.mackintosh@leeds.ac.uk
Medicine and Health Sarah Eden s.r.eden@leeds.ac.uk