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Support is available You can get financial support from the government and the University

Information for new UK and EU undergraduate students starting a non NHS-funded course in September 2014

University support

We're committed to encouraging students from all backgrounds, and we expect that one-in-three students will be eligible for financial help from us.

Our range of funding includes awards based solely on academic achievement as well as awards which take into account your household income.

If your income is below £42,600 our University support pages will give you more information on what you may be eligible to receive. Alternatively, we also offer awards which do not take into account your household income

You will not have to pay back any funding which you receive from us.

Government support

Eligible UK or EU students, whether full-time or part-time, will be able to apply for financial support from the government to help with tuition fees. Eligible UK, full-time students will also be able to apply for help with living costs. There are two types of help which you can apply for:

  • Loans which you have to pay back (to cover tuition fees and help with living costs)
  • Grants which you do not have to pay back (to help with living costs)

Find out more about the financial support available from the government
If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, the support package and application process is different. 0113 343 2336