Overall financial position

Our research-based curriculum, and the range of opportunities available to complement our students’ degrees, mean they can shape their experience around their goals, interests and career ambitions. To help them do this, we continue to invest in enhancing their learning environment and the wider student experience at Leeds, whilst covering the costs of running the University.

How do fees contribute to the costs of running the University?

The University is committed to providing research-based learning, so that we nurture independent, critical thinkers who can go on to make a difference to the world around them. We are able to do this because we invest in both our research and student education, as well as staff, facilities and resources.

Our total income in 2016/17 was £674.9m. Whilst just less than half of this came from tuition fees, we also attract research grants from charities, research councils, companies and other organisations that help to fund the world-class research activity that improves our understanding of the world, and informs our research-based curriculum.

In addition, the University receives income from government funding grants, and other sources, including its student residences, catering operations, other commercial activity, and from donations.

Breakdown of income £m

Breakdown of income £m 2016/17Support from alumni

There are more than 250,000 University of Leeds alumni in more than 180 countries across the globe. Many are actively involved in supporting the University through gifts of time and money. They support our students through mentoring programmes and providing practical careers advice and placements, or through sharing their experiences through talks and lectures. They also support our international recruitment activity at events and briefings.

Donations from alumni and friends of the University have raised more than £72m to date. This has supported research, scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students and a number of capital developments on campus, including the Laidlaw Library, the Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery and the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff Building.

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What did we spend our money on in 2016/17

The University of Leeds has a combined staff and student population that makes it bigger than Stratford-Upon-Avon. This makes running the University akin to running a small town. Our income pays for all of the people and infrastructure that are needed to sustain such a large and vibrant community and to support investment in improvements. Our finances are carefully managed and we maintain a surplus which helps give scope for investment, but also gives the University financial security

Total income/expenditure £m

Total income and expenditure 2016/17Ongoing costs

Many costs relate to things that can be seen, for example the money that pays for lecturers and other academic staff, maintaining equipment and money for labs and building maintenance. We also provide financial support to ensure students have the opportunity to realise their potential, regardless of background.

Equally money needs to be spent behind the scenes on essential things that keep our University running, like utilities, insurance, and the wide range of staff who provide essential University services, for example cleaning, HR and IT.

Breakdown of expenditure £m

Breakdown of expenditure 2016/17Investment in the campus

We have embarked on a £520 million programme of investment to transform the University campus, with recently completed developments including a £24m redevelopment of the Edward Boyle Library, following the opening of the Laidlaw Library in 2015, and a £38m refurbishment of the Engineering Building. A £20m redevelopment of the students’ union building is also completed, which will help cement our union’s reputation as one of the best in the country.

Our £96m Sir William Henry Bragg Building will see the integration of engineering and physical sciences. And our £38m innovation and enterprise centre Nexus, will bring business and students together, developing the skills needed for the workplace. It will support students seeking to start their own businesses, and provide access to wider opportunities through placements, internships and networking.

We also invest in our staff, and have recruited 150 future academic leaders over the last two years under our 250 Great Minds recruitment drive.

For more information about our investments visit our campus developments website

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