The University of Leeds hosts over 2,000 websites and applications. To test our compliance with the WCAG 2.1 Conformance Level AA Guidelines, we selected a sample of websites and applications by asking these questions:

  • How many people use the website / application, and how often?
  • How important the website / application is to a person’s work or study?
  • Do the websites / applications cover every stage of the student journey, from applying to graduating?
  • Do the websites / applications tested include those used by staff, students, and members of the public?
  • When was the website / application created? Was it created after 23rd September 2018?
  • Is the website / application in use, and can it be accessed online  

We selected 61 applications, and tested a subset of pages (2, 3, or 4) from each application. 

We selected 82 websites. We tested each website’s home page and a subset of pages within each website. 

We also tested 7 mobile applications. 

We tested them against the WCAG 2.1 AA Guidelines, and using three assistive technologies:

  • JAWS Job Access With Speech – a screen reader
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking – voice recognition software
  • ZoomText – a screen reader and magnifier 

We used these tests to make an overall assessment about the University of Leeds’ websites and applications and to prioritise how we make them compliant. We will be sharing more about our plans through our Accessibility Roadmap

Which sites and applications did we test? 


We tested a range of applications from within the University’s online estate, including student and staff portals, out student information applications, online repositories, training systems, and library services. We have not provided a list here because many of these are not open to the public. If you have a specific question about an application, please contact IT Services


We tested our main website platform, available at, and a range of our sites as listed below. 

Disabled Students 

Disability Services

Arts, Humanities and Cultures

Biological Sciences


School of environment 


Courses page 

Student accommodation 

Physical Sciences 

Medicine and health 

Social Sciences



For Staff

People Development




Student Education Service

Lifelong learning centre

Applications page

For Students


Working with Business


Joining University

Training and Development


The Leeds Partnership


Study Abroad

Student Opportunity and


Student Education Conference


Strategy and planning



Conference Booking - Meet in Leeds 


Staff counselling and psychological support service

Staff benefits


Security Services (Student)

Reporting a Crime

Commercial & Campus Support Services (Security Services)


Quality Assurance Team

Print and Copy Bureau

Commercial and Campus support services

Postgraduate Research and Operations

Postgraduate Degrees (student information)

Personal Tutor for Students

Personal Tutoring

New Staff

Open Access Explained

Occupational Health

New Staff (Manager's Guidance)



Language Centre

International Student Office

International Staff Support

International Foundation Year

Global Community

Facilities Directorate

Estate Services

Equality Policy Unit

Educational Engagement - Admissions Directorate

Digital Education Service

Delivered food

Food/catering (Great Food at Leeds)



Student Counselling Service