Insurance Insurance University of Leeds

Insuring departmental equipment and laptops for theft and accidental damage

Owing to the University's property policy carrying a £25,000 deductible, we have to meet our own claims up to this amount. Therefore, we have a self-insurance policy underwritten in the Insurance Section to meet claims for theft and accidental damage to any type of equipment whilst on campus, within the UK and whilst in transit in the UK. This cover is on an annual basis. Laptops taken abroad are insured automatically by the Travel Insurance policy and cover is subject to a £100 excess.

The self-insurance policy has its own deductibles as follows:-

  • Claims for theft involving forcible entry to the room or building containing the insured equipment - £500
  • Claims for accidental damage - £100

Please note that where theft occurs, there is no cover for equipment left in the open, or in unlocked, unattended rooms or buildings or in an unattended vehicle.. The £500 excess can be waived for thefts where the item has been entrapped or alarmed or where the room or building is alarmed and connected to the Security Office.

To ensure equipment is covered, you must tick the 'Standard Insurance' option on your SAP equipment inventory.

In June each year, a premium will be charged on the value of items you have indicated as requiring insurance.


Insurance, Room 11.75, EC Stoner Building, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT