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Business travel claim procedure

Please make sure you are aware of the policy terms, conditions and exclusions detailed in the Summary of Cover document before completing the appropriate claim forms.

Please note:

  • the University’s travel insurance will not cover cancellation or curtailment of travel as a consequence of Covid-19 for trips booked from 29th September 2020

  • travel insurance cover only applies to international trips and not to travel within the UK.


Before submitting a cancellation or curtailment of travel claim, you should attempt to recoup any costs from the travel agent, airline or accommodation provider, or event organiser.  You will need to include evidence of your attempt to recoup the costs as part of your claim.


STUDENTS ON STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMMES (2019-20 ONLY) - please check the flowcharts to see if you are able to make a claim for any travel or accommodation costs due to Covid-19.



How to submit a claim

Completed claim forms with copies of all supporting documentation can be sent directly to the insurers (Aviva) at

Please ensure that you include with your claim form all necessary evidence and documents to support your claim to avoid any unnecessary delays. Please quote the University's insurance policy number in all your correspondence with the insurers: 100003814GPA.

Aviva's contact number is +44 (0)1243 621416.


Claim forms:



Insurance, Room 11.75, EC Stoner Building, University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT