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Emergency assistance contact information whilst travelling abroad

If you are currently abroad and need emergency assistance, please see the contact information sheet for details.


Cancellation or curtailment of trips due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

The information below is to help colleagues understand the insurance position for claims arising from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The University is not allowing students and staff to travel to any international destination on University business in the immediate period until 30 June 2020 (at the earliest).

The University’s travel insurance will only apply where your plans have been disrupted by changed Government (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) advice or by the actions of a third-party organiser. (Note: travel insurance cover only applies to international trips and not to travel within the UK.)

1. The University’s insurance (covering travel and accommodation) will apply if you need to cancel an overseas trip in the following circumstances:

  • Where since booking your trip the Government has updated its guidance to advise against travelling to your chosen destination.
  • Where a trip on which you are already embarked is cut short or otherwise disrupted (as a result of the changed advice or third party organiser’s decision).  
  • Where the sole purpose of your trip – e.g. a conference or a placement at an international institution – has been cancelled or curtailed by the third party organiser. 

2. Before submitting a claim, you should attempt to recoup any costs from the travel agent*, airline or accommodation provider, or event organiser.  You will need to include evidence of your attempt to recoup the costs as part of your claim.

3. The insurers will usually only cover trips that are cancelled within four weeks of the date of travel. They are reluctant to consider longer-term bookings given that the world situation is changing rapidly.

The University’s travel insurance will NOT apply if your trip has been cancelled due to reasons other than those set out in (1) above. If FCO guidance does not specify any travel restrictions but the University requires you to cancel or curtail your trip, the insurers are unlikely to accept a claim as they would class this as a disinclination to travel.

4. In such circumstances you could still try to recover your costs from your travel, accommodation or other third-party provider. But if costs cannot be recovered, the University will need to absorb the expenditure. You can of course claim any personal expenditure through the ESS system in the normal manner.

* As of Tuesday, 17 March, the University will be cancelling en bloc all bookings for international outbound travel that have been made through Key Travel (until 30 June in the first instance).


STUDENTS ON STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMMES: These flowcharts will help you determine if you are able to claim any travel or accommodation costs connected to your return to the UK.



A Worldwide Business Travel insurance policy has been purchased by the University to provide automatic cover for any member of staff, postgraduate, undergraduate student or any person under a contract to the University, travelling outside the UK on behalf of the University and representing the University in the course of their business. Please note the policy does not provide cover for a spouse or children accompanying the insured person.

Key Points

  • Cover is automatic, ie you do not have to provide details of individual journeys and you do not require a Certificate of Insurance to confirm cover is in place.

  • Insurance for students on work placement, electives, study abroad and field courses is free

  • Trips in the United Kingdom are NOT covered

  • The maximum duration of any single trip must not exceed 12 months without prior notification to the Insurance Office

  • Incidental holidays are included provided the main purpose of the journey is for business and the holiday is in the same region as the business element of the trip. The personal holiday must not be longer than the business part.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are covered provided travel is not contrary to medical advice. NOTE: foreseeable expenses eg repeat prescriptions and routine check-ups are not covered

  • Please check the FCO for travel advice and complete a risk assessment form prior to travel, advice is available from your local Health & Safety contacts. Where travel is against FCO advice, you must seek advice and approval from your Faculty Health & Safety Manager.

  • Please notify the Insurance Office with at least two weeks prior notifiation if you plan to travel to:

Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Mali, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Niger, Nigeria (Delta Region and North of Abuja only), Libya and Venezuela.


Summary of Cover Document

The Insurance Summary of Cover document should be printed and taken with you on your journey. Please note this is a summary of the key facts and exclusions. The full policy wording is available here.


Proof of insurance letter to support visa applications

For University staff and students requiring a Proof of Insurance letter to support your application for a visa, you can download a copy of the letter from our Sharepoint site (you will need to be logged on to the University network to access the site).

Please complete the relevant sections and return it to us together with a copy of your staff/student ID for signature so that a signed copy can be issued to you (please note that it can take up to 7 days to process your request).  

Please send the documents to: with the subject line "Request for visa letter".



Please go to the Claims Section of the web site to download the appropriate claim form. All completed claim forms should be sent to the insurers (Aviva) at

Please ensure that you include with your claim form all necessary evidence and documents to support your claim to avoid any unnecessary delays. Please quote the University's insurance policy number in all your correspondence with the insurers: 100003814GPA.

Aviva's contact number is +44 (0)1243 621416.



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