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Welcome to the Korea Research Hub website.The Korea Research Hub, or KRH, is a collaborative project between the University of Leeds and the University of Sheffield, both institutions being located in the county of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

Established in June 2007, the KRH seeks to promote the study of Korea, one of the world’s oldest and most fascinating nations.

Korea in Focus

In contemporary times, Korea has become one of the most important countries in Asia, economically, geopolitically and culturally.

South Korea has been transformed from a war-ravaged impoverished country in the 1950s to a major global economic player in the early 21st Century. South Korea is now the third largest economy in East Asia and the 12th largest trading nation in the world.

Its economic transformation has been accompanied by a political transition from military rule to democratisation, one of East Asia’s most fascinating political developments of recent times.

In recent times, Korea's geopolitical significance has been heightened by the security situation on the peninsula, which is of critical importance to the region and the wider international community.

Korea possesses a rich and distinctive culture, encompassing the pomp and splendour of its traditional court music and dance, and the vibrancy and dynamism of its popular culture.

University of Sheffield

Korea Research Hub (Graphic)
Korea Research Hub (Graphic)
Korea Research Hub (Graphic)

About this Website

In this website, you will find details on the work of KRH scholars as well as various useful web-based resources to help those interested in Korean studies.

The KRH website is also intended to promote and facilitate networking and collaborative research among Koreanists.

The KRH team have ambitious plans to broaden the scope of the project’s work over the coming years.


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