The House of Commons within the UK Constitution

Introduction to these pages
These are introductory pages which cover the following issues
Intended learning outcomes
General reading
World Wide Web sources
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The purpose of these pages is to give you an outline of the constitutional impact of the House of Commons. Since they lack detail, my pages are not a substitute for reading the relevant materials in an old technology textbook. These pages do not contain the extensive narratives, profusive footnotes and erudite allusions that you can expect from a textbook. So, the idea is that you should start your studies here but they should not finish here. At this point, you will no doubt ask yourself why not go straight to the substantial textbook and ignore these pages? There may be three reasons why you might derive some value from these pages

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Intended Learning Outcomes

To put it more simply, "what's in it for me, the reader?" Some possible positive outcomes might be:

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General Reading

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World Wide Web Sources

The following addresses should be consulted regularly (some are listed more specifically in these pages). Most important is: United Kingdom Parliament World Wide Web Service including information about:

There is also a more visual site (mainly intended for school-age students) called "Explore Parliament", which is run by the Parliamentary Education Unit.

In addition to these official parliamentary sites, see also the following addresses

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Linked pages





Scrutiny of the


There are linked pages on the following issues. You should access ALL of these sites some time before the module ends.
The roles of the House of Commons
The legislative procedure
The scrutiny of the Government's policies and administration
Exercises and self-test questions on the House of Commons

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Problem solving

You will almost certainly not have any problems. But if you do run into difficulties either with the technicalities of accessing the pages or their substantive content, then e-mail me at .


I would like to thank Iain B Kerr and Yaman Akdeniz, Director, Cyber-Rights and Cyber-Liberties (UK) for technical advice.

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