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Welcome to the University of Leeds Bicycle Users' Group (BUG)

We are a network of staff and postgraduate research students who enjoy cycling to work.

We promote cycling as a quick, inexpensive, healthy, safe and environment-friendly form of transport.

We meet approximately once a term to share best practice and update ourselves with developments on and off-campus. An email network is also used to make announcements and debate issues informally. Topics of interest include parking, security, road safety, and cycling in Leeds.

If you are interested in cycling to work, or just wish to find out more, do feel free to join us!

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Route-Planning Rail Travel BUG Contacts

For advice on any topic ranging from cycle storage and showers, to road safety and route-planning, contact one of the following:

Will Crocombe (School of Medicine) and Lizzie Reather (Faculty of Medicine and Health) are the joint-Chairs of BUG.

An environmental coordinator in your area should be able to advise you about local facilities.

James Dixon-Gough (Estate Services) is the University's Sustainability Development Officer.

Jane O'Neill (Staff and Departmental Development Unit) maintains the leeds-bicycle-users' email network.

John Salter maintains these pages.

PC Matt Guy of the West Yorkshire Police, is the University's Liaison Officer. He may be contacted on 09921 282 173.