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Leeds Studies in English publishes two occasional book series: Leeds Texts and Monographs (new series), and Leeds Texts and Monographs Facsimiles. Copies still in print are available through the University of Leeds Online Store: click on the titles below. We generally mail out copies during the first week of each month.

Volumes of Leeds Texts and Monographs (Old Series) have been digitised and will be made available via the University of Leeds digital repository LUDOS during 2012-13.


new series

17 Approaches to the Metres of Alliterative Verse, edited by Judith Jefferson and Ad Putter (2009), viii+311pp.
16 The Heege Manuscript: A Facsimile of National Library of Scotland MS Advocates 19.3.1, introduction by Phillipa Hardman (2000), lvii+216pp. £82.50
15 The Old English Life of St Nicholas with the Old English Life of St Giles, edited by E.M. Treharne (1997), xiii+218pp. £24
14 Concepts of National Identity in the Middle Ages, edited by Simon Forde, Lesley Johnson and Alan V. Murray (1995), viii+213pp. £9.50
13 A Study and Edition of Selected Middle English Sermons: Richard Alkerton's Easter Week Sermon Preached at St Mary Spital in 1406, a Sermon on Sunday Observance, and a Nunnery Sermon for the Feast of the Assumption, by V. M. O'Mara (1994), xi+245pp. out of print
12 P.J. Cosijn: Notes on 'Beowulf', Introduced, Translated and Annotated by Rolf H. Bremmer Jr., Jan van den Berg and David F. Johnson (1991), xxxvi+120pp. £28
11 Úr Dölum til Dala: Guðbrandur Vigfússon Centenary Essays, edited by Rory McTurk and Andrew Wawn (1989), x+327pp. £21
10 Thomas Campion: De Puluerea Coniuratione (On the Gunpowder Plot), edited by David Lindley with translation and additional notes by Robin Sowerby (1987), v+123pp. £12
9 Staging the Chester Cycle: Lectures Given on the Occasion of the Production of the Cycle at Leeds in 1983, edited by David Mills (1985), vii+123pp. £12
8 The Gawain Country: Essays on the Topography of Middle English Poetry, by R. W. V. Elliott (1984), 165pp. £9
7 Samuel Daniel, the Brotherton Manuscript: A Study in Authorship, by John Pitcher (1981), xii+214pp. £30
6 The Textual Tradition of the South English Legendary, Manfred Görlach (1974), xi+317pp. £7.50
5 The Rhetoric of Free Will: The Five-Action Structure of the English Morality Play, Merle Fifield (1974), iv+52pp. out of print
4 The Dublin Orator: Thomas Sheridan's Influence on Eighteenth-Century Rhetoric and Belles Lettres, W. Benzie (1972), ix+118pp. £3
3 Edward, King and Martyr, by Christine E. Fell (1971), xxix+21pp. out of print
2 De pronunciatione Graecae et Latinae linguae cum scriptione nova libellus (1574): A Facsimile and English Translation, by John Butler Gable (1968), 32pp. £3
1 The Works of William Bullokar, edited by B. Danielsson and R. C. Alston, 4 vols (1966-80) vol 1: £3
vol 2: £8
vol 3: out of print
vol 4: out of print

original series (Leeds School of English Language Texts and Monographs)

8 The Lindsey Dialect, by James E. Oxley (1940), 117pp. out of print
7 The Terfinnas and Beormas of Ohthere, by Alan S. C. Ross (1940), 63pp. out of print
6 Seven English Songs and Carols of the Fifteenth Century, edited by J. Copley (1940). out of print
5 Three Middle English Sermons from the Worcester Chapter Manuscript F.10, edited by D. M. Grisdale (1939), xxx+111pp. out of print
3-4 Sawles Warde: An Early Middle English Homily, Edited from the Bodley, Royal and Cotton Mss, by R. M. Wilson (1938), xlvi+115pp. out of print
2 Studies in the Accidence of the Lindisfarne Gospels, by Alan S. C. Ross (1937), 179pp. out of print
1 Gunnlaugssaga Ormstungu, Edited from the Stockholm and Copenhagen Manuscripts, by L. M. Small (1935), 83pp. out of print


new series

8 The Chester Mystery Cycle: A Facsimile of British Library Harley MS 2124, edited by David Mills (1984), xxii+288pp. £40
7 The York Play: A Facsimile of British Library Additional MS 35290 together with a Facsimile of the Ordo Paginarum Section of the A/V Memorandum Book, edited by Richard Beadle and Peter Meredith, with a note on the music by Richard Rastall (1983), lvi+551pp.+ 5 coloured plates. £80
6 The Chester Mystery Cycle: A Reduced Facsimile of Huntington Library MS 2, edited by R. M. Lumiansky and David Mills (1980), xvi+314pp. £28
5 Non-Cycle Plays and The Winchester Dialogues: Facsimiles of Plays and Fragments in Various Manuscripts and the Dialogues in Winchester College MS 33, edited by Norman Davis, with a transcript of the Dialogues (1979), vi+208pp. £24
4 The N-Town Plays: A Facsimile of British Library Cotton Vespasian D VIII, edited by Peter Meredith and Stanley J. Karhl (1977), xxx+452pp. +1 coloured plate. £20
3 The Digby Plays: Facsimiles of the plays in Bodley MSS Digby 133 and e Museo 160, edited by Donald C. Baker and J.L. Murray (1976), xxii+246pp. +2 coloured plates. £20
2 The Towneley Cycle: A Facsimile of Huntington MS HM I, introduction by A. C. Cawley and Martin Stevens (1976), xix+132pp. out of print
1 The Chester Mystery Cycle: A Facsimile of MS Bodley 175, introduction by R. M. Lumiansky and David Mills (1973), xv+353pp. out of print