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International Festival / Symposium of Sound and Experimental Music

10th - 13th April 2003

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Programme of Activities 2003


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Theme :

"aLTERNATIVE, Aesthetic and Technologic Issues Pertinent to Sound"

Venue :

Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM)
School of Music, University of Leeds, West Yorkshire, Leeds LS2 9JT, UK

Topics :

Sound, Music, Noise, New Noise, Silence, Aural Perception, Hearing, Healing, Tactile-Sound, Vibrosound, Sonic Metaphors, Multi-Sensory, Sound in Text, Post-Digital Music, Post-Computer Music, Analogue, Digital, Digilogue, Electroacoustic Music, Composition, Improvisation, Interaction, Diffusion, Interface, Interest, Sound in Theatre, Theatre in Sound, Humour in Music, Audience, Artist, Sensitive Systems, Soundscape, Acoustic Ecology, Acoustic Archaeology, Built Environment, Live Performance, Listening, Sonograms, Phonograms, Recording, Memory, Resistant Materials, Phonic Invention, Sonic Innovation, Acoustic Intervention, Software, Hardware, New Products, Machinations, New Music, Acoustic Music, Signal Processing, Experimental Musical Instruments, Adapted Electronics, Circuit Bending, Spoken Word, Unspoken Word, Ambisonics, Multi-Channel Audio, Surround Sound, Space, Place, Sound Mirrors, Architecture, Ultrasound, Infrasound, Redundant Technology, Appropriate Technology, Found Object, Sonic Object, Subject vs Object, Practice-Based Research, Aural Abstraction, Audio Image, Sonic Art, Speech, Movement, Eurhythmy, Symmetry, Binary Form, Sonic Deception, etc.

Format :

Papers / Performance / Film / Installation / Demo

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Programme of Activities 2003


Music Alternative and X-disciplinary approaches In Sound
a.k.a. Mutual Appreciation and (X) networking In Sound

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