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2002/03 Taught Postgraduate Module Catalogue

Cultural Theory
20 credits

Taught Semester 2,

Year running 2002/03

Pre-requisites BA Hons Degree

Co-requisites ARTF5110 Cultural History

On completion of this module, students should have a fundamental grasp of three major paradigms in critical cultural analysis: commodification, language, and subjectivity. They should have a detailed sense of the co-ordinates that map research and analysis in the field of cultural studies. They will have a shared conceptual vocabulary that will serve as the basis on which to develop collegial relations with each other, and on which to develop the particulars of their individual projects.

This module will unfold in three sections. First, we will develop a detailed discussion of the concepts of the 'commodity' and 'commodity fetish' which have been central to cultural studies in its examination of contemporary consumer cultures, establishing a sense of the historical development of cultural theory in its relation to political economy and philosophy. Second, we will explore the 'linguistic paradigm' in cultural studies, and the critiques generated through the concepts of sign, discourse, and text of subjectivity, identity, agency, production, power, truth, reason, etc. Third, we will work through a series of theoretical texts by Freud and Lacan, with commentaries indicating the continuing work of interpretation within the psychoanalytical tradition. We will use a film text to explore these ideas.

Form of teaching
Seminars: 11 x 3 hour seminars with intensive reading and presentations by students (non assessed)

Form of assessment
1 x 6000 essay.

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