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2002/03 Taught Postgraduate Module Catalogue

Studio Practice / Exhibition
40 credits

Taught Semesters 1 & 2,

Year running 2002/03

Pre-requisites Admission to Programme

Co-requisites ARTF5550, ARTF5560

Objectives: To organise, prepare, curate, mount, and document an exhibition of practical work done during the course and write/publish/prepare a catalogue/video/web-site or other suitable form of documentation to accompany the exhibition; to develop organisational skills, and where applicable, fund-raising, publicity, curatorial and other professional skills related to the mounting of exhibition; to work effectively in a group situation being able to organise and implement the variety of practical and professional skills required to mount such an exhibition; to develop web-skills and/or DTP as appropriate to assist in the preparation of the documentation; to be able to prepare grant applications, liase with external bodies for publicity, space allocation and related matters for the successful mounting of such a show.

Students engage in four full days of studio work per week in preparation for the final degree assessment; practical work and projects are brought to final stages of completion and issues of professional display, curation, publicity and exhibition are resolved; the production and preparation of a catalogue for the final exhibition or web page as appropriate, is completed utilising appropriate DTP and IT support within the department; the display of final work to a fully professional standard is the responsibility of the student in consultation with studio staff, and represents part of professional training, furnishing the student with the skills necessary for professional practice.

Form of teaching
Tutorials: 13 x 2 hours.

Form of assessment
Continuous assessment throughout module. Summative assessment of practical work at the end of the module (100%)

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