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2002/03 Taught Postgraduate Module Catalogue

Body/object/space: Sculpture and its philosophies
20 credits

Taught Semester 1,

Year running 2002/03

Pre-requisites Undergraduate Degree

Co-requisites None

This module is available as an elective

On completion of this module students will be familiar with current critical debates and methods in the analysis of the sculptural work across time and space. The module will provide a comprehensive review of the literature on sculptural form as well as broadening the field of study to introduce students to other academic fields that have a bearing on sculptural form. Students will be encouraged to think in a cross-disciplinary fashion; drawing on the disciplines of art-history, anthropology and cultural studies.

This core module addresses the position of sculpture in relation to its historiographical and cultural context. Focussing on three main topics, the module introduces students to a wide range of debates and theories in the methodological analysis of sculptural form. The module outlines the way in which art history has represented sculpture, especially in relation to two-dimensional imagery, and introduces a reconsideration of the object and its relationship to social concerns. In particular issues over the representation of the body and the position of the object in social space are developed. Sculptural interventions have challenged the notion of aesthetic purity, dismantling traditional boundaries between one art and the other and between work and observer, and negotiating the unsightly topics of politics gender and race. Examples and case studies are drawn from a number of historical epochs and from diverse social contexts.

Form of teaching
Seminars:11 x 2 hours

Form of assessment
1 essay of 6000 words

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