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2002/03 Taught Postgraduate Module Catalogue

Research Methods and Bibliography
10 credits

Taught Semester 1,

Year running 2002/03

Pre-requisites None

Co-requisites None

1) To acquire the ability to present work in correct scholarly form. (2) To develop a systematic appreciation and use of a wide range of bibliographies, reference works and instruments de travail. (3) To gain an awareness of different methods of carrying out research.

This module offers students training in core skills and use of resources applicable to a wide range of subjects in medieval studies. Individual classes will address specific problems encountered by students at this level and practical guidance in solving these, for instance: research methodologies, referencing, selection and use of style-sheets, proof-reading and correction, compilation of bibliographies, presentation of dissertations. They will also demonstrate systematic methods for accessing data: for instance, use of library resources, electronic data, instruments de travail and other bibliographical guides. Students undertake a review article, a survey of research or a critical bibliography on a chosen subject submitted in correct scholarly form.

Form of teaching
Seminars: 11 x 2 hours

Form of assessment
Two written assignments of a combined total of 2500 words (80%); plus one 1 hour examination at the end of the semester (20%).

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