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2002/03 Undergraduate Module Catalogue

Mass and Energy Balances 2
10 credits

Taught Semester 2,

Year running 2002/03

Pre-requisites Programme entry qualifications

Co-requisites None

On completion of this module, students should 1. Have an understanding of the concepts and methodology for performing energy balance calculations. 2. Be able to apply these to write and solve energy balances for processes with and without chemical reactions and, 3. Be able to apply both mass and energy balances to chemical engineering processes.

Energy balances on steady-state flow systems. Energy balances on non-reactive processes involving changes in temperature at constant pressure, changes in phase at constant temperature and pressure. Energy balances for mixing and separation of streams. Sources of thermodynamic data. Energy balances for reacting systems. Thermochemistry. Standard states. Heats of reaction, formation and combustion. Energy balances on isothermal and adiabatic reactors. Simultaneous mass and energy balances. Use of spreadsheets (EXCEL) to solve mass and energy balances. A project requiring mass and energy balance calculations for a simplified chemical plant.

Form of teaching
Lectures: 22 hours, Tutorials within lectures. Practical classes:5 x 2 hours.

Form of assessment
One 2 hour exam at end of semester (75%), coursework and project report (25%)

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