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2002/03 Undergraduate Module Catalogue

Architectural History and Theory 4.4
10 credits

Taught Semester 2,

Year running 2002/03

Pre-requisites CIVE3800 Architectural History & Theory 3.3 (or the equivalent taken at level 3 in Penn State, USA)

Co-requisites None

The objective of this course is that the student develops an appreciation for, and understanding of, the non-Classical tradition in architecture and thus is drawn towards a pragmatic and accessible approach to design rather than a cerebral and elitist viewpoint. In terms of transferable skills, the student will be able to research and synthesise complex philosophical concepts, formulate and promote an argument, and take with them, on completion, an attitude towards architecture and design which goes far beyond the commonplace.

This course investigates the non-Classical tradition in architecture, taking its starting point as the introduction of the Gothic Revival in the 19th century. It is a historical and theoretical course, investigating ideas which have run contrary to the established dogmas of Classicism and, to some extent, have formed the basis of the expression of tectonics which characterises much contemporary architecture. But it is not a course which deals with the pointed arch or the flying buttress, or other structural manifestations typical of Gothic architecture, from either a historical or theoretical viewpoint, but rather organic, environmental and ultimately spiritual responses.

Form of teaching
10 Lectures x 1 hour
10 Seminars x 1 hour

Form of assessment
1 x 2 hour examination 65%
1 x Coursework sketchbook 25%
1 x Seminar presentation 10%

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