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2003/04 Taught Postgraduate Module Catalogue

Manuscript Studies (Medieval Studies)
10 credits

Taught Semester 2

Year running 2003/04

Pre-requisites MEDV5010 or MEDV5020 in semester 1 (or equivalent)

Co-requisites None

(1) To develop the ability to read a variety of western European hands. (2) To develop the ability to recognise symbols of abbreviation. (3) To develop the ability to transcribe manuscripts accurately.

A pre-requisite of this module is one semester's study of language module MEDV5010 or 5020 since this will enable students to read the documents that will be studied. At this initial level the tuition primarily concerns palaeographical training, familiarising students with a range of documents from Carolingian to Renaissance times. In particular the palaeographical instruction will cover English and European bookhands, a variety of (mainly) English court hands from Chancery and Exchequer, some fifteenth century 'free' hands and sixteenth century secretary hand. Work will be done mostly through photographed material but use is also made of the Brotherton Collection.

Form of teaching
12 two-hour seminars.

Form of assessment
Three written assignments, involving transcription of documents, of a combined length of c.2500 words.

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