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Bats wake up and smell the coffee

- Intensive agriculture is taking a toll on bats in the Western Ghats of India, but shade-grown coffee, remnant rainforest patches and riverine vegetation strips may help struggling species hang on.

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Scientists warn of the risk from air pollution over the megacities of West Africa

- A new study warns of the risks posed by the increasing air pollution over the cities of West Africa - amid fears it could have an impact on human health, meteorology and regional climate.

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Actor swaps mimicry for music as part of public concert series

- Actor and comic Alistair McGowan aims to make a big impression when he returns to the region as part of a new series of public concerts organised by the University of Leeds.

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Aspirin reduces obesity cancer risk

- Research has shown that a regular dose of aspirin reduces the long-term risk of cancer in those who are overweight.

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Remembering the POWs who suffered building the 'other' Death Railway

- The suffering of prisoners of war and slave labourers forced to build the Thailand-Burma “Death” Railway amid appalling conditions was immortalised in The Bridge Over the River Kwai.

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“Brainy” mice raise hope of better treatments for cognitive disorders

- Researchers have created unusually intelligent mice by altering a single gene and as a result the mice were also less likely to feel anxiety or recall fear.

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