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Balancing prosperity and sustainability: a role for arts and culture

- Researchers from the University of Leeds are to play a key role in exploring how arts and culture contributes to sustainable prosperity.

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Chancellor commits £20m ‘big picture’ data projects to tackle major health and social care challenges

- The Chancellor has announced £20m in the Budget to fund new health and social care information projects, aimed at tackling major health challenges by using ‘big picture’ data.

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Collection highlights JRR Tolkien’s time at the University of Leeds

- A collection of letters, poems and prose by The Hobbit creator JRR Tolkien has been acquired by the University of Leeds, where he taught in the 1920s.

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Amazon’s carbon uptake declines as trees die faster

- The most extensive land-based study of the Amazon to date reveals it is losing its capacity to absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

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University backs Leeds 2023 European Capital of Culture bid

- The University is backing a bid for Leeds to be the 2023 European Capital of Culture. The city will have to declare its intention to bid by December 2016, with the successful city announced in 2018.

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Parasite turns shrimp into voracious cannibals

- Parasites can play an important role in driving cannibalism, according to a new research which looked at cannibalism among freshwater shrimp in Northern Ireland.

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