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Pouring good water after bad: China’s water stress set to worsen with transfer initiatives

- New research paints a grim picture for the future of China’s water supply, as its booming economy continues to heap pressure on its natural resources, according to new research.

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Asking the big questions about big data

- The University of Leeds is bringing together experts from across Europe, the US and Asia this week to tackle some of the key challenges in using big data effectively.

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Department of Health puts Leeds at the heart of new Clinical Research Network

- The Department of Health has announced that the University of Leeds will be at the heart of a new consortium to help improve the Clinical Research Network.

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Variety is the spice of humble moth’s sex life

- A small brown moth has one of the most complex sex lives in the insect world, new research has found.

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Manufacturing project aims to take IT beyond the electronic age

- A £5.2 million project led by the University of Leeds is aiming to transform data communications with a new generation of photonic microchips.

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University of Leeds in top 10 for research and impact power

- A new assessment of higher education institutions, based on the strength of their research, positions Leeds as one of the top UK universities for research and impact power.

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