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Ambulance ECGs save lives, study finds

- People are more likely to survive a heart attack if they have an electrocardiogram (ECG) in the ambulance on the way to hospital, research by the University of Leeds has shown.

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Researchers uncover new forms of blindness

- Scientists from the University of Leeds have discovered six new forms of inherited blindness, each one resulting from mutations in a different gene important in eye development and vision.

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When managers attack: Coaches who care about pundits’ opinions worse at controlling anger

- The notoriously short fuses of some sports coaches could be explained by excessive concern with how they will be seen by others, according to new research.

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Genetic mutations warn of skin cancer risk

- Researchers from the University of Leeds have discovered that mutations in a specific gene are responsible for a hereditary form of melanoma.

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Early pregnancy alcohol linked to heightened premature and small baby risk

- Research by the University of Leeds has linked drinking alcohol during the first three months of pregnancy to a higher risk of having a premature or unexpectedly small baby.

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Simple blood test could improve treatment for childhood cancer

- A simple blood test could pinpoint children who are unlikely to respond to treatment for a particularly aggressive form of childhood cancer, says research led by the University of Leeds.

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