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How removing a protein slows blood vessel growth in tumours

- Scientists from the University of Leeds have discovered a new protein which triggers the growth of blood vessels in breast cancer tumours which have spread to the brain.

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Researchers find possible association between obesity and male breast cancer

- Researchers at the University of Leeds have found a possible association between the rise in obesity and the increase in cases of male breast cancer.

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University funds £17m structural biology lab

- The University of Leeds is investing £17 million in a state-of-the-art laboratory for structural biology research.

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Research projects to the fore on International Clinical Trials Day

- For International Clinical Trials Day today, the University is highlighting two research projects which show the importance of clinical trials to public health.

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Research aims to improve access to music for people using hearing aids

- Beethoven composed some of his most famous works after he became profoundly deaf.

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Hi-tech nanoknife treatment to kill kidney tumour

- A pioneering procedure has been carried out by a University of Leeds specialist using a hi-tech ‘nanoknife’ technology to destroy cancer cells using pulses of high voltage electrical current.

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